Flanders Grand Prix
Wheel sizes (http://www.worldskate.org/speed/about/regulations.html) Page 44 Art.97 Flanders Grand Prix 2021: For the miniemen/pupillen/scholieren categories the maximum wheel size is 90mm. For the categorie Cadets the maximum wheel size is 100 mm. For the categories Youth, Juniors and Seniors the...
Flanders Grand Prix
Non-Belgians (foreign tourists, for example) can also request a code for a paid PCR test via mijngezondheid.be (non-resident of Belgium). You do not need to register for this. If you need a pcr test to return to your country…check this link: https://www.mijngezondheid.belgie.be/...
Flanders Grand Prix
In view of the good evolution of the corona figures, we have decided to review a number of things. 1)Who can skate at Flanders Grand Prix 2021?The 53th edition of our competition will be open to everyone, in accordance with the corona measures. You can find the list with colors: https://www.info-...