Overview registrations Flanders GP 2023 (04/07/23)

Flanders Grand Prix
Dear skaters

Please be aware following categories are FULL:

U12-U13 ladies (Scholieren ladies)
U12-U13 men (Scholieren men)
CADET ladies
We have a waiting list for the full categories. Please contact our secretary if you don't participate.

Other categories...remaining places:
cadet ladies 0 men 9
youth ladies 4 men 4
junior ladies 4 men 0
senior ladies 28 men 6
U9(miniem) ladies 6 men 14
U10-U11(pupil) ladies 19 men 29
U12-U13(scholier) ladies 0 men 0
If you have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us by messenger/instagram/mail(secretariaat@zrc.be )